The 16th edition

For some ones who has   big penis that the skin form penile shaft is too wide or ones who regularly strap the tip of penis to the buttock crease to hide the penile shaft during dressing as a woman that will make the penile skin wider and longer, if we use all parts of the penile skin to make the labia minors, the labias will be to wide and too thick which not be  a good  esthetic appearance of the labias.

The 16th edition is  a reversion of the 15th edition. For this technic, we  separate the penile  skin into  2 parts, one  to make  the labia minors and  the  outer part  to make  the  inner side of labia majors.  We  need the proper design on the penile skin to make  the proper size of the labia minors, while  the rest of penile skin can help in reducing the tension of  the labia majors ,so we can get more scrotal skin graft to make the deeper neovagina. The labia majors  are usually made by scrotal skin ,but  in the type  half of them from the penis and the other half from the scrotum.

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