The 15th edition

For some patients  who  have very  small penis  or ones who have circumcised by  the technic of high level circumcision may have a  severe shortness of prepuce  skin that is not enough  to  make  a  good  shape  of  labia minors. In this  group  the  labia  will  be  short  and narrow ; most  of  the  time, they cannot cover  the  vaginal  opening. Even they  can cover the opening , because the  shortness of  tissue to make the  inner  labia , sometime  they  cause  narrowing of  the introitus and cause difficulty during  dilatation and sexual intercourse.

In order to correct that problem, in some  case  that  we do  not use  the scrotal skin such  as primary colon vaginoplasty or   in case that the  scrotal  skin is very  long or in case that the  patient decides to use skin graft  from the groin crease or lower abdomen for making  the  deeper neovagina, the scrotal  skin flap can be  designed to be the outer layer and the lower part of inner side of labia minors that we  call posterior forchette.  For this 15th edition, the whole  outer side is totally made by the scrotal skin, while  the  inner layer  is divide  into 3 parts; the upper part by the  small remnant of prepuce, the middle by the small penile shaft ( design as turnover flap)and  the lower part by the excess tissue of the scrotum.    Because this  is  the  technic of flap for reconstruction, the  final outcome  of the  labias will be  a little bit  too thick and too wide  at  the beginning. Even they will be smaller in 2 or 3 months, in some cases,  they might need a later revision to make them smaller and flat  after 6 months.

OPD.S.1475.AT (2) OPD.S.1492.AT (1) OPD.S.1492.AT (2) OPD.S.1492.AT (3)

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