The 14th edition

The edition 14th

There are some  problems  in  the patients  who  have a  small penis  or ones who have circumcised is the lack  of prepuce  skin to  make  a  good  shape  of  labia minora. In this  group  the  labias  will  be  short  in length and width ; most  of  the  time, they seldom cover  the  vaginal  opening. Even they  can cover the opening , because the  shortness of  tissue to make the  inner  labia , sometime  they  cause  narrowing of  the introitus and cause difficulty during  dilatation and sexual intercourse.

The 14th edition will be an option to make the labia minor in ones who are circumcised or have short penis in the minor degree. The outside labia is made  by skin from penile shaft ,and the  inner side is make from 3 sorts of tissue; the upper part is  prepuce  that will  be  very  short  but can connect the clitoris with the lower tissue, the lower  part  is the remnant of  lower part of penis designed as reverse flap, the middle part is covered with the graft from scrotal skin or  urethral mucosa. The urethral graft will be red for 3 to 4 months; then it will be pale and pink and look more  natural. The  benefit  of urethral mucosa  is  self-lubrication that will facilitate  sexual intercourse  but take  a long time to  look natural and, because in the  small penis , the urethral mucosa will  be short too, in some case the graft will not be  enough to  make the good result. The scrotal graft is another option in some case that more extra scrotal skin can be harvested or some grafts that plan to make the vagina can be  shared. For this technic, the labia is not self-lubricated , but the scrotal graft can   be taken bigger  and longer ,so we can get the  wide  and long  skin graft enough to  cover the large  gap between the upper and the lower part of the  inner labias. The benefit of the scrotal interpose graft is more tissue to fill the gap that can make a longer and wider labia but still  very thin in order  to facilitate sexual intercourse and dilation and get the  good feature of the labias.  It will take 2 or 3 months to be completely heal and look more natural.

Because the technic is  the basic of graft technic, the labia will be  thin and  look more esthetic ; compare to  the technic of scrotal flap in the edition 15. Since the  outer flap have to  be  very well vascularized to feed the graft that we put in,  it need a good delicate surgical  skill to raise the penile flap because if the penile flap is not survived, the graft will not survived too ;that will make  the flap and graft slough and turn to be short labias. Anyway, this is an  inventional technic and the only technic nowadays that graft  can be used for  the labias  to make them  very thin and long  to complete the concept of the beautiful labias.

In this edition we  will call the labia interposition with urethral graft as 14a,with scrotal graft as 14b

OPD.S.736.AT (6)

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