The 13th edition

The Edition 13th

The 13th  edition is  designed for the primary colon vaginoplasty to  solve the problem of  current technique  of the primary  colon vaginoplasty.  The primary colonvaginoplasty  is  the  surgery  that we make neovagina from  the colon that will  connect  to  the  outer penile or scrotal skin to made neovagina in  anyone who  has never had  the  surgery done before. This  surgery  was  done  more than 10  years but  still  have some  minor and major problems.

The current problem  is  the  narrow  introitus because  the  shortness of anterior skin flap, the  visible of redness of  colon mucosa in   the lower part of vaginal opening and the  disability to make  the  labia minor  to  be  long enough  to cover  the  introitus and down enough  to form  the posterior commissure. The  13th edition focus  on the new  design of posterior flap to get  enough  scrotal skin area and   mold  to  a  new shape on the  side wall  of neovagina to conceal the  junction of  skin and mucosa to hide  the mucosa redness. Because  of  the large area of scrotal skin that include in the  posterior flap by a new  design  , the opening of neovagina will be  widen  to help dilation and sexual intercourse more comfortable. More over  the  new design can get extra space  for  the labia minor to  be  set on the  side and posterior  area of  the  vaginal opening to   make  a esthetic labia minora.

The  invention of the 13th edition is  the revolution of  the  colonvaginoplasty technic because the  stricture  of junction of colon and   skin make the problem during  dilation and  sexual intercourse.

The  13th edtion can  complete the  function of  colonvaginoplasty  and hide  the  redness that made  the strange appearance of neovagina by hiding with  side  wall  skin flap  and  the long labia minora,then make  the  external appearance  more  esthetic.

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